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Pop-up networking

Creating a relaxed environment for you to expand your network


What We hAD Planned...


Are you looking for a table on Tuesday and Wednesday Night in Cannes?

Enquire about booking a table for dinner at Cactus Club 3.14.

Cactus club


Late Night Beach Bar! 

Somewhere new and fun to go after dinner in Cannes!


Gets you in with a welcome drink!


We've been working in Cannes for years...YEARS...and we've realised that one thing it was lacking during the Congresses was a really cool neutral Networking Space. This space would allow people to book an area or areas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks to entertain clients and friends. 


If that space turned into a super cool late night beach bar where you can unwind after a long day at the Palais...even better!


So we decided to do something about it! 

The desire to bring you this space has taken us all over Europe, organising networking events in London, Munich, Cannes and Barcelona. 


We will be back...watch this space